My name is Satu Rämö. Author of nordic blue crime book series called HILDUR. I was born in Finland in 1980 and moved to Iceland twenty years ago as an economics exchange student. Instead of macroeconomics I ended up studying Icelandic culture, literature and mythology before forging a successful career as a writer, digital creator and a mentor. I have published numerous bestselling, prizewinning non-fiction titles in my native Finland, ranging from travel guides to Iceland, to inspirational memoirs and an Icelandic knitting book.

HILDUR is my fiction debut and I’m planning further standalones featuring Hildur Rúnarsdóttir. RÓSA & BJÖRK was published in Finland in spring 2023, followed by JAKOB, in Nobember 2023 and RAKEL in November 2024. I live with my family in the small town of Ísafjörður in northwest Iceland.

HILDUR is  a Der Spiegel bestselling title in Germany. Finland’s #1 bestselling series with over 430,000 copies sold to date!

The publishing rights to HILDUR-trilogy have already been sold to several territories including UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland Estonia and Latvia.

UK & Commonwealth English rights to Satu Rämö’s record breaking HILDUR series have been acquired by Bonnier Zaffre! “I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing the Hildur series to the UK and to be working with the amazingly talented Satu. With her incredible characterisation and intricate storytelling, the Hildur series is set to be the next big thing in Nordic crime fiction,” says Isabella Boyne, acquiring editor at Bonnier Zaffe UK.

Take Two Studios will shoot the HILDUR series in Iceland with an Icelandic-German co-production. 

Turku City Theater stages HILDUR on their Main Stage in autumn 2024.

Here you can find my contact information. I would love to hear from you!

My e-mail is satu@retro.is.


satujen saaret lottalehto

The Secret of the Grove

Lottalehto – Island Adventures 1: The Secret of the Grove

A new series that gives a modern twist to the timeless and irresistible pull of thrilling mysteries that lead into exciting adventures.

Satu lives in Lauttasaari, the urban island district of Helsinki in Finland, and her cousin Saga’s home is in the mystical landscapes of Iceland. The 10-year-old girls’ distinctive home islands alternate from book to book as the atmospheric settings for the mysteries that beckon to be solved.

Satu & Saga – Bound by blood & united in adventure.

International press, publishers and agents – for more information, please contact: 

Terhi Isomäki-Blaxall
Literary Agent, Children’s & Young Adult
+358 40 752 1972
terhi.isomaki-blaxall [at] bonnierrights.fi

Jakob kirjan kansikuva jäätikköä ja lunta


The awaited third book in the Hildur trilogy, Finland’s #1 bestselling series with over 500,000 copies sold to date.

Christmas is the cruellest of the holidays, especially for Jakob Johanson, who finds himself embroiled in a complex case that hits close to home.

It’s the darkest time of the year in the village of Ísafjörður. As Christmas approaches, the peace of the villagers is shattered. On the western flanks, a corpse is found in a fish farming pond. Detective Hildur Rúnarsdóttir and Finnish police trainee Jakob Johanson have barely time to start their investigation before another equally bizarre homicide takes place in another remote corner of Iceland. And soon a third. While investigating a series of brutal acts of violence, Hildur escapes to surf the choppy waves of the Atlantic but the lost connection to her middle sister, Rósa weighs heavy on her mind. Meanwhile, her police partner Jakob prepares for the hearing of his fraught custody battle with his ex-wife Lena. But to what lengths is Jakob prepared to go? That’s what Hildur is left to ponder when she receives the worst possible call from Finland’s Kolari police station. At what point do even the best of intentions no longer justify the means? Jakob is the third volume in the Hildur series hailed by some as ‘Nordic Blue’ genre.

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Toomas Aasmäe
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Rósa & Björk

Evil is often found close to home, but the closeness of people remains the best asset we have.

An unusual murder occurs in the remote fjords of Iceland. An influential local politician is found shot on the ski slopes. During the investigation into the murder, Detective Hildur Rúnarsdóttir and her Finnish partner Jakob Johanson, are faced with a difficult question. Is it wise to uncover every secret?

The traumas of Hildur’s childhood return as the mystery of the long-lost sisters, Rósa and Björk, begins to unfold. Jakob tries to keep a cool head in the middle of a difficult custody dispute with his ex-wife.

RÓSA & BJÖRK is the second book in the Hildur serien and will be followed by a third installment in winter 2023.


A cold case crime and dark secrets of a close-knit community intertwine in this bracing crime novel with a twist.

Everyone does their best to survive amidst the freezing fjords of remote Iceland. Hildur Rúnarsdóttir is no different as she takes to surfing in the icy waters of the Atlantic to try and forget her traumatic childhood and the burden of the cases occupying her mind as head of the missing children’s unit of the Ísafjörður police.

When Jakob Johanson, a Finnish police trainee with a knitting hobby arrives in Iceland to work alongside Hildur and try to escape his own, complicated life back at home, soon he, too, realises that the picturesque fjords also harbour their dark sides in the marginalized, exploitative, and power-hungry who dwell in their midst. Hildur and Jakob find themselves investigating a strange tangle of crimes as the fog obscuring secrets that have been in the dark for decades gradually begins to lift. Revenge may be sweet in theory, but will it solve anything in the end?

Sigga & Satu’s Icelandic Sweaters

13 fresh and authentic Icelandic sweater designs and various colourways 

A passion-project collaboration between renowned Icelandic knitwear designer Sigríður Sif ‘Sigga’ Gylfadóttir and Iceland-based Finnish writer, Satu Rämö with this collection of Icelandic sweater designs for sizes S–XXL  honouring traditional Icelandic yarns with a twinkle in the eye.

Complementing the uncomplicated pattern instructions Satu’s engaging texts cover topics such as the history of Iceland’s ‘national dress’, the day-to-day lives of sheep farmers.

Also included is a pattern for the ‘Hildur’ sweater, as featured in Satu’s titular bestselling crime novel.

A vibrant and convivial knitting guide for the Nordic knitwear fan!